The farmer’s suicide in MP is a poignant reminder of India’s failed agro-policy.

The death of an Indian farmer as a result of Police Brutality for no apparent reason shows India’s democracy is sliding to hell.

The narrow margin victory of Theresa May shows that all is not well with the conservative party.

It’s a good decision by the Kerala Communist govt. to open liquor outlets in the State. It will boost tourism.

India’s acceptance in the nuclear supplier group will definitely alter the Geo Politics of South Asia.

It’s high time that India be made a permanent member of the Security Council.

The sky was a bard wearing withered clothes and pouring out poems all day long.

My morale has been lifted to the skies following a happy outcome.

I am a poetic soul, a fictional heart and a philosophical mind.

I have returned like the Prodigal Son to the Father.

For my dream to become a reality it took time and I have no regrets.

She has a poetic heart and a passionate body. I hope to write my imagery on her.

I am Hellenic Hedonist, an existential nihilist and a post modern deconstructionist.


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