Gender Identity

This was a poem that seventh graders had to study. The poem had a caricature of a witch with a hideous face ready for the diabolic. The ideology of a witch as a feminine gender construct remains like old wine in new bottles. I began a dialogue with students and asked them what a witch was? They said she is an evil person who does wicked spells. Then I told them that this was the view of the Middle Ages and I also told them that many women were burnt alive for the sorry fault of being witches. In a post modern society the view of a witch as masculine construct of logo-centric thought with fetish of being misogynist is replaced with the paradigm of showing kindness and empathy. Gender constructs are rapidly changing as post-structural societies decay the fecundity of masculine representations to a gynecological ethnocracies. The text brought out by Oxford publishers is antiquated and showing a conceptuality of a witch as ugly, menacing and incongruous.


Author: Anand Bose

I am a Hellenic Philistine driven by the mad pursuit of aestheticism, an existential nihilist and post modern deconstructionist. I am also a Christian Apologist.

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