Journal Tuesday 5th 2017

My colleague of mine, a neighbor too, in her mid 40’s remains grouchy and sullen all the time. My pleasant smile is hardly returned back. She is pretty mean with the kids she teaches. Her husband left the other shore quite early in life. I think I know what her problem is. Her face is never twinkling; always one can see creases on her forehead. I think I know her problem. What she needs is a good fuck! Then things will be alright! Saw a black cat in my work premises. It was ambling as though it had no cares in the world. Read a black poem to the students and introduced them to the mannerisms of Black Literature. The students were ignorant of Blues Jazz and Rap and I told them to YouTube it. I work with students whose language is not native English and they are quite illiterate with contemporary culture. Evening I went to visit an Uncle of mine who is stricken with Bone cancer and has only days left. I was quite surprised by the mirth on his face. He was smiling and joking all the time even when destiny was playing a mean trick on him. I thought of Schopenhauer’s phrase: The Will to Live and the Will to Die. I have never seen so much courage in times of fortitude. I admire his audacity to become a corpse and then turn into skull and bones. Came back from the hospital and started reading Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea. I thought how attached the boy was to the grandfather. In the night I was woken by a dream. The boy was applying perfume on the lifeless grandfather.

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