You stink of
Existential piss;
Your bones are
Eaten worms,
Settled termites,
Now decayed…
The ungratified abyss…
You are a moral of
Heavenly unkindness….
You are raging tempest
Of immoral epiphanies…
My solitude is a tearful abyss…
A hazy psychedelic rainbow—
Sketching in on is a bloody
Blasphemy of ephemeral nihilism—
No mortals understand or
Feel me in my frozen depths…
Yes, I am bloodier than JOB…
I cry Christ –
Woe to you for the created—
My angst plagues me,
Locusts laughing in glee.
Where has love’s
Existence gone?
My body, a question
Without an answer.


Author: Anand Bose

I am a Hellenic Philistine driven by the mad pursuit of aestheticism, an existential nihilist and post modern deconstructionist. I am also a Christian Apologist.

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