I was sitting in the psychiatric clinic. Beside me were a girl and her family. The girl was apparently not well. She kept pacing up and down the corridor muttering something illegible. Her parents shouted at her asking her to sit down. When she did not consent, one of the relatives gave her a thrashing. I thought, what a bastard; he doesn’t know to deal well with a mentally sick person. The poor girl started weeping.

The Lottery Seller

I knew him personally. In the evening when I checked the result, my face became glum. Later I realized that he was gloomier than me. The lottery ticket result page was underlined with numbers that had won the prize. So I asked him: “so many of your tickets have won the prize, then why are you feeling so dull”. He replied: “today I did not even win a single prize. I have done that to dupe the public so that they will not stop buying tickets”. We smiled together, a funny pathetic smile.


The sky has turned into a writer’s pen, writing many colors. I watch a faded leaf fall to the ground. Bird wings are gliding like a symphony. The sky resembles the shape of many ribs. Yes slowly I watch the darkness spread like cheese on a bread piece. All these are my friends and I am not lonely anymore.

The Phallic Worshppers

They were all out on the road carrying a huge float of a phallus inserted in the (yoni)—the cunt. Most of them were merry making and inebriated. They were shouting obscenities to please their God. They started blocking the way and I got stuck. I wonder what pleasure they get. I dreamt of intercourse with my significant other. I dreamt of having a quiet drink and relaxing.

A Fairy Tale



They lived happily afterwards


The prince turned into an ugly toad by a scheming witch. The imprisoned princess who Abracadabras the witch by a secret spell and transforms the toad into a handsome Prince.

Sad to say I lament that I can’t fling my imagination and join with characters as I did in my childhood; I have grown older and sadder.

March 14th

March the 14th is my birthday. So is Einstein and Amir Khan, the Indian Bollywood star. People remark: ‘so you and their birthdays match. Yet you have reached nowhere. You are a non entity.’ I smile and my eyes twinkle. Yes, there’s something about me that’s pathetic.