Museaphors are examples of a new species of metaphors. A metaphor is created called a primary metaphor and then from it a secondary metaphor is created.

Examples of Museaphors

Her pubis was a dark night. The dark night enveloped his life’s misery.

Palestine is a hot volcano. She too is a hot volcano.

Making love was paradise for them. His paradise is a bottle of scotch.

While making love, they blossomed into a flower. Reading fiction was a blossoming flower for him.

Time became a hyperbole of smoking weed. Weed is the essence of an epiphany in his life.

His dreams are soaked in a watery apparition. When he hallucinates on weed, he becomes a watery apparition.

He wakes with the art of an erection. The art of erecting language is possible as a hyperbole.

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