Your island is
Frozen sculpture…
I am so far away…
Yet I live close to
You in words….
I am sensitive to
Your words…
And some times
They pierce the veins …
Leaving in me a wounded self…
The evening has come,
There’s a musical flute
In the sky ….
I feel your heart in my veins,
Vibrating your inner garden…
You always ask me the question,
What it means to be truly loved…
Love is an echo of the heart’s call,
A musical fountain where
We can chant hymns of bliss….
Why are you so far away from me…?
I am trying my best,
To come closer to you…
Soon it will be…
We are flowers
Delicately swaying and
Touching each other in the wind…
Don’t fret my love….
Though I am far,
The wings of my heart
Flow to yours and I am
Submerged like words of poetry;
The evening is settling down
I imagine your hands clasped
In mine ….
I imagine I am talking to you
Of love and love alone…
I am sad and lonely without you,
A broken song whose strings
Wander with all hopes of you ….
When will you come into my life…?
Yes time will place a musical gift.


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