Borges the father of magic realism fell on the table asleep holding the pen. In the dream he saw a feminine beast; her body was a claw and her face was a fang; she was holding a scroll that was folded like a phallus. In the dream he was told that the sign of the structuralists, the one consisting of the signifier and the signified was going to be made esoteric and arcane. What are the signifier and the signified in the sign? For example if Rose is Passion, rose is physical and tangible and belongs to the sensate realm and passion is an idea and belongs to the intelligible realm. The feminine beast having the body of claw and the face of a fang unrolled the folded phallus. On it was written: ‘I am making the signifier go blind and the signified go deaf’. She grinned at him viciously and smiled toothless and said: hockusposckuslexicadabra. Puzzled Borges woke up and made a disappointed fart.


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