My discourse is a democratic dialogue. From hermeneutics I have coined ‘hermenutricks’; for hermenutricks the dialogue transforms discourses into many labiated ecstasies. Hermenutrics is orgiastic semiotics. It is a slutifacotry term embodying slutifactorality. Slutifactorality, slutifactorness, slutificality de-centers logo-centric thought. Slutaciousness is a glasnost and perestroika of dialogues in rap-slap-stick musicality. Slutiness creates multiple centers of meaning. Instead of binary divide, there’s a binary fusion of meanings. For example, colored as a meaning of phenomenological ontology has acquired disparaging racial connotations. In slutiness race becomes colored as the all: white, black and brown. Meaning is slutaciously configured to express multiple centers of reality. A slutacian reaches many meanings of orgasmic reality.

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