Went to a book shop today ….bought Che Guevara’s Motorcycle diaries; started reading it in the bus. Was stunned and thrilled by his profound revelations. I elevated him to the status of a seer; his dazzling prose is poetic and sublime. I admire his quest to be human in one sense moved with the pathos for human life and its suffering. While coming back, I came across a bunch of red comrades in a bus opposite to me, singing profane songs. They had been to an inauguration. I thought of Che’s book now lying beside me in my hand and them. A feeling of disgust enveloped in me. A silence enveloped me and I became quiet and contemplative.


Author: Anand Bose

I am a Hellenic Philistine driven by the mad pursuit of aestheticism, an existential nihilist and post modern deconstructionist. I am also a Christian Apologist.

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