India’s Aspiring Medical Students

India is a country with teeming millions living in villages. There are many doctors in India who work in the villages for a meager salary. These doctors have been chosen by Missionary Medical colleges after rigorously checking them on their service mentality. Sad to say all this has been upturned by the Modi government who has introduced the National Eligibility Test NEET which tests the students only on their academic aptitude. I am sad to say that the NEET exam is very rote oriented. To be a doctor in India means to make money and that’s the attitude. Many doctors who have passed out from cream institutes have left for shores abroad to earn a lot of money. I know a student who after finishing her 12th grade worked with lepers and served in a hospital doing voluntary work. She qualified the NEET exam but her grades were much below so that she could not join medical colleges which charged a nominal sum. Private Medical Colleges in India charge exorbitant fees even for those who have passed the NEET exam. The Govt. of India has done nothing to correct this anomaly. Academic brilliance is not the only criteria for becoming a doctor. Dedication for the Medical profession is an important factor. Many students who would have loved to work in the villages of India and serve the people will lose their precious chance as they have to pass an exam which is rote oriented and not based on the quality and quantity that befits a medical student.

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